Ill post a time lapse video of this being drawn sometime tomorrow!
(also can you spot the the blitzkast title in the teeth...whoops made it too subtle...)

its SUNDAY, the 8th of january, 2012!


Start and finish a game prototype within 4 hours! You can start any time you want within the blitz time frame, as long as you try haaaaarrrd not to go over 4 hours of total work. The four hour limit serves to keep the projects' scope in check. Going over is no big deal, it is more of a rule of thumb for what to aim for than a strict time limit. NO BIG DEAL. JUST MAKE A GODDAM GAME!!!!

Then post your doings on this thread over at TIGSOURCE:

On second sunday every month, from 0:00 to 23:59!
Official Blitzkast Time starts at 18:00 UTC. But you don't have to be there if you can't!
Again, the rules are pretty slack. You can keep working on the game after that, or even start a little before WHO THE HELL CARES JUST MAKE A GODDAM GAME FOR PETES SAKE

This month, it will be at the 8TH OF JANUARY. Sunday, as usual.
Fun fact: It is the earliest possible day of the month, and also means this month will have a Friday the 13th....... which inspired this month's theme! SEE THE CONNECTION

At your place! Meeting in #poppenkast@slashnet
(thats on IRC. thats an irc thingy. Its an online thing.)

It's the perfect excuse to take a break from your usual projects and go nuts on something new and refreshing for just a short while. You just have four hours to lose...

This is not a competition. Idea is to get people active and make those games they always wanted to but "didn't have time for it" a.k.a. too lazy!

Bonus Extra challenge!

Make a finished game in 4 hours using this theme! If you like.

Im planning to start a thing.
A thing where Ill make video wrap-ups of the competitions. Possibly with weird animated shit. Like, an animated character host playing through the Blitzkast games, possibly being wacky or commenting on em pseudo-humorously. It may or may not be a super awful idea, but im gonna try it out, starting by making videos for the previous Blitzkasts and hopefully catching up with today eventually. Im not promising anything but I think that could be fun and also provide with some sort of nice wrap-up of each competition, showing everything that was made in one lil package. Ill try getting one done this month!!


With love,

Here's the games previously made!

Last months' games will come soon, I need to gather em from all these people who didnt post em. Goddammit guys gimme your games even if they suck ok

Mystery game by Beef and Xion (Still dont have the link guys what the hell.)
AfterService by SophieH
ALTCODE by FrankieSmileShow (thats me!)
Cult by JasonKaplan

BAUERRAUSER by Nihilocrat
Frame by Frame by Cow
Enflame: When pigs fly by Rolf_Soldaat

Aliems by Nihilocrat
Haus God by beef
Bulldozer Bonzai by Offal
Rapture - The Videogame (Or How Harold Camping Happens To Be Fucking Correct) by Manuel Magalh„es
Monster Smash by Frankie
Zombureaucracy by NathanielEdwards
Robot Stampede Vs. New York by Vulf

Force, by TobiasW. More of a technical demo at this point. Move orbs around!
Quest by BentoSmile. (screenshot)
One day outside the Time by Yellowafterlife (screenshot1 screenshot2)
Unnamed thingy by Alexitron, just learning some flashpunk, move with arrow keys

Bear riding a missile, by YellowAfterlife (screenshot)
Dungeon Crawler, by Frankiesmileshow (screenshot1, screenshot2)
20 years later, by Alexitron
Bat Castle, by Im9today (screenshot1, screenshot2)
Hide in the smoke, or you'll die! by Droqen
Ypsilon Eagle, by gauthier (screenshot)
Rubrik's cube, by Bisse (screenshot)
Fuck Traffic, by OffalAl
Andy Wolff had made a game called MayFly too but im not sure he wants to show it yet.
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