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So fun to make these!
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Heres a trailer:

Get the game in there:

Assorted Screenshots:

(the screenshots are actually a little bit old now that I think about it)

Game was made mostly at the Toronto Game Jam, by me and the Monster King, with music by Chef Boyardee.
Nice lads from the Poppenkast, Chef and our friend Lurdiak did some serious testing.

There was quite a bit of polish added to the game since the TOjam, so if you played it back then, be sure to give it another try!

The arrow keys move your firefighter.
The 'A' key makes you jump.
Holding the 'S' key uses the fire extinguisher. Hold UP or DOWN while shooting to aim the stream. You can find items to replenish your extinguisher reserve.
The 'D' key uses the fire axe. Use it on doors and debris to clear out a path.
The DOWN arrow key picks up civillians. Bring them to the fire chief or to the firetruck outside to rescue them.

There is a thread about the game on tigsource here:
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A shmup about bees made in 48 hours for the 2011 Global Game Jam.

Download it at cokane.com/games/bumblebee
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Tower climbing game with a pinch of puzzle. Smooth wall jumping, screen wrapping from the sides, enemies to watch out for and levers to open stone doors. All shown with nice pixel graphics and accompanied with rocking chiptune music.

Also there's a hint in the trailer, that it's not all about relaxing tower level.

Out on January 18th 2011, freeware, on Windows.
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I've just released this game, go play and tell your friends!
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epic retro sci-fi

get it here
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Just finished making a game with JW! As it is a flash game we are looking for sponsorship for Crippled Master and the Deadly Trap Disaster. It's gonna be fun!

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