Welcome to the puppet show.

Poppenkast is a community containing a small group of talented game designers that strive to make gaming their way of life. Well, some of it anyway. We're here to give you, the gamers, a chance to play our creations; creations made, primarily, with a tool named Game Maker.

This community is built upon members that were all invited to join the show. They have the choice to decline, and / or leave at any time. We did not kidnap them. They're here at their own free will, even though they may look as if they're "tied up".


The Poppenkast began in the early days of 2006; February 14th to be exact. Prior to this, we were a nameless "game collaboration community" that got together in the earlier days of August 2005. Though sadly, the two puppet masters (who shall remain unnamed) that started this whole venture into the theatre, left without a whisper, taking their strings with them.

But then, one of them came back. And left again!


If you wish to get in touch, you can contact us using e-mail at admin[@]thepoppenkast[.]com. Or alternatively, if you would like to speak to a specific member, goto that members profile and see if they have left anyway for you to get in touch with them.

Poppenkast being a community, and not a fully fledged company with contracts stopping members from doing anything else, we are all available for freelance work. Send a formal email to the above address, and you can be sure it will be forwareded to that member, or members for them to consider.


If you like us as much as we don't think, you can always send us some money! You have our word that it'll only be used to keep the website (hosting and domain) up and running. Plus, we may make a special homage to you in one of our games.